This is for the person I once was, for the person I am now and for the person I am trying to be. This is for anyone who has ever tried to understand me. There are a few things you should know.

I. I tend to be a little cold-blooded sometimes. You will need to take me out in the sun and wait for me to warm up.

II. I fall in love too profoundly and desperately. I write too many endless poems about unlimited possibilities.

III. I’m quite nostalgic when it comes to sentimental days. I seek out old polaroids and love letters.

IV. There has to be a reason why I’m overly sensitive, but I’m too delicate to search for it.

V. I am homesick for things I don’t know and places I haven’t been to. I tend to miss scents and feelings more than people.

VI. Sometimes, I wish that my bones were static so that more people would cling to me.

VII. I wish I wasn’t afraid of the thorns in rose bushes.

VIII. In case you were wondering, I’m an expert at fitting an entire future into one single moment. I am also fluent in the subsequent heartaches that make me cry.

IX. Everything around me is always blurry but what I feel is always real.

X. I break too easily and sometimes, I don’t know how to put myself back together.

— Things I should have written down when I met you. 

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