I like my coffee bitter.

I hate waking up without an alarm.

I can never get enough sleep.

I’m scared of heights.

I love the smell of cinnamon.

I eat avocados, but hate the taste of them.

I want to please everyone.

I’m scared of failure.

I look at myself in the mirror too much.

I hate meeting new people.

I am socially awkward.

I like to sing.

I can’t sing.

I have the hiccups too much.

I hate wearing shorts.

I don’t like people seeing me in my pajamas.

I am a perfectionist.

I don’t think about the future.

I hate the color brown.

I wish I could change my hair every week.

I enjoy sounds.

I am afraid of silence.

Confrontations scare me.

I hate sneezing.

I find that fluffy pillows are comforting.

I am always hot or cold, never in-between.

I hate running.

I like the feeling running gives me.

I have this urge to change my body, but can never do it.

I go through phases with food.

I adore fruits.

I hate meat.

I think lettuce smells weird.

I always keep everything clean.

I tend to control my own thoughts.

I don’t allow myself to let loose.

Music calms me.

I love depressing songs, they get me in a good mood.

I play the violin.

I have no balance whatsoever.

I like being productive.

I hate waking up in the morning.

I’m neither a night owl nor a morning person.

I live for afternoons.

I always eat too much or not enough.

I have many nicknames.

I hate every single one.

I’m comfortable in crowds.

I like commuting.

I watch too many YouTube videos.

I like the heat of the sun.

Sunlight calms my nerves.

I take too many pictures.

My favorite color is millennial pink.

I can’t touch my nose with my tongue.

My body hurts too often.

I often feel like I live in a body that isn’t mine.

I’m self-conscious about my legs.

I don’t wear swimsuits, but still buy them.

I like the sound of waves.

My favorite day is Thursday.

I like my life.

I don’t have a lot of friends.

I am solitary.

Sunflowers are my favorite flowers.

I live for random adventures.

I am still finding myself.

I always want too much.

I enjoy doing nothing.

I am lost.

I don’t allow myself to do what I really want to do.

I tend to follow others.

I am never truly honest with myself.

I like writing lists.

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